The Petition and A Personal Touch !

However unlikely it maybe I think it’s in your best interest as a cryptocurrency fan to encourage wide scale adoption of your favorite coin.

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Will Amazon Accept Dogecoin if it adopts cryptocurrencies in future?

“As of press date, Amazon is yet to incorporate crypto coins into its mode of payments. However, Mark argued that this excludes a good number of potential Amazon customers from using the services offered. This is because not all the world’s population is connected via a specific form of traditional finance.

According to Mark, the US based multi-billion company should consider Dogecoin if it comes to crypto adoption. Dogecoin’s features stand out besides being fully decentralized unlike Ripple (XRP). The altcoin is fast, low cost, large supply quantity and has shown gradual improvement since its inception. Furthermore, Dogecoin is a probable safe haven for crypto investors trying to escape large swings in the price action. This may however not always be the case given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.”

Doge4Amazon – Accept Dogecoin as a payment method


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